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Property Tax Assessment Services

MPAC Property Assessment

We exercise diligence and take action on every possible channel of property tax reduction and management on behalf of the client. As specialists, we focus solely on providing the best possible representation and advocacy in order to achieve property tax savings and​ returns in both prior and future years. Our services include everything from the review and valuation of the property, to disputing and negotiating with MPAC and appealing through the Assessment Review Board to reach a favorable outcome on property tax liabilities.


During an assessment appeal, we will review, analyze and produce the following: site accessibility, locational and external characteristics, property class standings and apportionments, market supply and demand, land characteristics, and future uses, market values, environmental concerns, zoning and classifications, demographic patterns, site and improvement attributes, expert reports, sales history analysis, comparable studies, statements of issues, municipal concerns and applications, disclosures, cost valuation models, construction methodologies, property performance, site surveys, inspections and more.


Apart from the assessment appeal, there are multiple processes and programs that may impact tax recoveries that can be used to provide additional property tax savings. These would be used on a case-by-case basis and would include applications and appeals with the local tax jurisdictions. We will identify these opportunities and implement the appropriate steps in order to achieve the highest possible savings for the client.

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